Thursday 24th April 2014

This morning I meet up with Sarah Dewing. We sit outside in the sun – summer seems to have arrived. Her giant Great Dane stands by me watching every move. I’m basically pinned down until our interview is over.

Sarah is so excited for me as another artist. She knows my work and she seems to have complete confidence in my ability to create something wonderful. I’m grateful for her belief in me. She asks if I have any ideas yet. I say I have none, but I feel that’s a pretty good starting point to allow the research to talk to me.

I ask her what she feels would be important to communicate in the work. She says that she would like a monument that captures the story of all women in the struggle for suffrage, not just the personalities. This is starting to sound familiar.

Come back on Thursday 4 August 2016, when Mary begins her research in the Parliamentary Archives…