Monday 26th May 2014

Another bloody bank holiday!

Unusually the sun is shining, so Mat, Shola and I go off to the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Gardens in Ockley. I want to get some inspiration about materials and fixings. The gardens are amazing and with all the rain we’ve had the giant Gunnera are – giant!  Nature won the art challenge today!

There were a lot of glass pieces. I decided these can be so easy to get wrong.

There were also a lot of quite clumsy, heavy-handed fixings. I wonder if this is a health and safety thing?  But even then, some of it seemed a bit bodged.

I came across some wonderful granite pieces, their surfaces polished to varying degrees to create optical effects with the light and space. That was all I needed as food for thought.

Photo of Granite sculpture, Hannah Peschar Gallery

Granite sculpture, Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden. Image: Mary Branson

Come back on Thursday 1 September 2016, when Mary meets experts from the Watts Gallery…