Thursday 5th June 2014

This morning I work in the archives, making sure that my figures aren’t wrong.

For one year, Oct 1899–July 1900, only 22 petitions and 416 signatures, one of the smallest number of petitions throughout the 52 years. I wonder what else was going on? Maybe the Sale of Intoxicating Liquids on a Sunday Bill was a much more important campaign that year?

Today I become aware that I am deliberately leaving out of my diary my plans for my actual artworks, as I have so many ideas now. I have a sketchbook full of doodles (these I never share), but feel that I am reaching the point where I need to commit my full concentration to my ideas. I am circling around several themes, waiting.

I need to start creating. It’s all perfect timing, as I move into my new studio on Saturday. I will dedicate the next few months to only making work for this project, in the form of prints, computer images, maquettes and written proposals.

Photo from Mary Branson's studio window

The view from my new studio window – I can’t wait to work in it. Image: Mary Branson

Come back on Thursday 15 September 2016, when Mary speaks to Parliament’s Commercial Operations Manager Matthew Morgan…