Sunday 8th June 2014

Today is Surrey Open Studios day, and I’m travelling around, hoping to be inspired.

There’s a glass artist’s studio just down the road that I have been driving past for about a year; the orange Open Studio balloons are up outside, so I take the opportunity to go see what he’s up to.

Photo of Adam Aaronson demonstrating glass blowing.

Adam Aaronson demonstrating glass blowing. Image: Mat Clark

As I arrive at some farm buildings, I’m amazed to find a huge industrial unit, with several kilns and a number of workers. Adam Aaronson the artist is there, doing a demonstration of glass blowing. Really impressive, and right on my doorstep!

Afterwards I get chatting to Adam. It transpires that he had heard of my residency and that he was the chair of the Guild of Craftsmen. I take his card and resolve to go and see him when I have worked out a clear plan for my piece.

Photo of Adam Aaronson

Adam Aaronson. Image: Mat Clark

Come back on Saturday 24 September 2016, when Mary meets curator Beverley Cook from the Museum of London…