Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th July 2014

Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd July

More drawing and talking and thinking and confusion…

Friday 4th July 2014

Today I’m staying at home and working on my talk for Monday.

At lunchtime Janey Stephenson comes to meet me to talk about my project and share her feelings about the suffrage movement as a contemporary young women. Janey is a human rights activist and policy researcher, who specialises in gender-based violence and social development.

I have one of my prints ready for her, as she was the one who originally sent me the link to apply for the research post. I want to say a big thank you.

We talk about the idea of a critical mass that is needed for women to be heard.

Janey is a women who would be prepared to go to prison in the name of injustice. I admire her and am slightly frightened by her ferocious indignation. We need more people like her. Perhaps she just makes me feel weak?


Janey’s new earing. Image: Mary Branson

I talked about using a barometer or tidal clock to link to the illumination of my work, in order to somehow bring the outside into the building; to give a sense of ‘now’. Janey directed me to the book The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy. As soon as she left I bought it on Amazon to read on my holiday.

Come back on Thursday 20 October 2016, when Mary meets the Serjeant at Arms and presents to the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art…