Friday 13th June 2014

Lunchtime today I have press photos taken with Liz Otto, Clerk of the Arts Committee.*

We have a laugh, as she isn’t the greatest photographer and we struggle to get a decent picture. I discover that there is a new ruling allowing me to take photos in St Stephen’s Hall, which is very handy.

Even though this ruling is in place we get stopped several times. I feel as I always do; uncomfortable having my picture taken, especially when I have to fake drawing in my sketchbook.

Afterwards Liz takes me off on another tour of the building, showing me more wonderful spaces, including the Pugin room. I wouldn’t ever know how to return here unless by complete fluke. In fact we get lost. As we travel up and down corridors and stairways, I realise that there is so much of the building still to discover.  The place overwhelms me again and I return to Portcullis House. Here I relax under the trees, clean white lines and gentle murmur of people chatting.

* Find out more about the Speaker’s Advisory Group on Works of Art