Wednesday 21st May 2014.

I’m in the Parliamentary Archives all day and get my head down to crack the back of this petitions business. 1900 to 1907 here I come!

I would like to say I feel like a professional archivist, but still very aware that I am lacking many of the attributes, like attention to detail, concentration and no dyslexia. I re-read all my entries.

I’m connected to the Internet now and can check my emails, whilst being able to look out of the window over the Thames and gardens below and hear the howling wind. It really blows up here in the reading room.

I feel I’m beginning to settle in. I love it here. A message comes up on my screen from Janey Stephenson. (She was the one who told me to apply for this job – and she definitely would have been a suffragette.) She reminds everyone to vote today at the European elections. It couldn’t be more poignant. As I sit here a witness to all the people who petitioned for us to get have a voice. Tonight I go home and vote.

Photo of Mary at Polling Station

At the Polling Station. Image: Mat Clark

Come back on Thursday 25 August 2016, when Mary explores the Palace of Westminster …