Friday 6th June 2014

I sit in Portcullis House. The sun is shining and it seems that everyone who should be here is in today. There is a buzz.

A BBC newsreader sits on the table next to me fresh from working all night covering the European elections; Nigel Farage and UKIP seem to be the big talking point!

I have a positive meeting with Matthew Morgan, Commercial Operations Manager for Parliament. We discuss my ideas, the sites and spaces.

We talk about the public; how they interact with the building and how they can engage most effectively with the history of the space. I talk for the first time about the notion of sound within the work. I was so pleased that he got it; he talked about Bruce Nauman. I felt that I was with someone who understood what I did.

He liked the idea that the artwork could be a living memorial to suffrage, rather than something that has been ticked off the list of achievements. This is something that needs to be worked at.

Come back on Saturday 17 September 2016, when Mary visits Adam Aaronson’s glass studio…